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LDA Creations began nearly 30 years by creating a unique Christmas ornament at the request of a friend. Since then, we have expanded to include a wide selection of customized items, always striving for quality and customer satisfaction. Please browse our main website. Here are just a few of our offerings:

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Custom Engraved Glass Christmas Ornamentsimage of glass ornament being sand-blasted

Enduring style and grace characterize these delicate, beveled glass shapes. Here at our workshops, we hand-engrave each ornament with sand to create rich textures, always paying close attention to detail. Perhaps a scene from your city, your church, or the simplicity of a corporate logo; any design is rendered with elegance and style.

You can provide the artwork in a “camera-ready” form, or we will create it for you at no extra charge. To create your artwork, all we’ll need is a snapshot or other representation of what you wish us to engrave.

Each engraved glass ornament, with a ribbon hanger, is elegantly presented in our satin-lined gift box.Boxed custom ornament.


Select the size and shape you prefer
from our 3” Round, 4” Round, 3-3/4”
Oval, or our 3-1/2” Square. We prepare
the artwork for you (no charge!). All we
need is a snapshot or a high-resolution
(300 dpi) file of the scene you want on
your ornament. Call or email now!

We make it easy!

Engraved glass ornament customized with logo. Circle shape. custom engraved glass ornament featuring lineart of a famous landmark. Diamond shape.
custom engraved glass ornament - circle shape Custom sand-blasted Christmas ornament with text and logo. Circle shape.
Detailed logo sand-blasted onto a glass Christmas ornament. Custom.

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