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LDA Creations began nearly 30 years by creating a unique Christmas ornament at the request of a friend. Since then, we have expanded to include a wide selection of customized items, always striving for quality and customer satisfaction. Please browse our main website. Here are just a few of our offerings:

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Custom Porcelain Ornaments

CustomFrom the delicacy of our lacy-edged ornaments to the simple shapes of our snowflake and wreath, you’ll find a form that pleases. We offering several decorating techniques for your custom porcelain ornament, each designed to achieve a different look and offer a range of price points.

Kiln-fired porcelain ornaments are heirloom-quality keepsakes. The ceramic glaze or 22k gold is permanently adhered to the ornament by heating it to over 1400 degrees F. One, two or full-color designs are possible.The glaze Hand painted ceramic glaze can be added with the same permanence.

We also offer an affordable full-color option: art transfer. The color permanence is very good and is a cost-effective way to create very small quantities of full-color ornaments.

All of our porcelain ornaments are beautifully gift-boxed and include a ribbon hanger and an enclosure card conveying your message. Call or email today!

See many examples of our custom ornaments below. All artwork is copyrighted by either LDA Creations or our clients.

Example of customized Christmas ornament. Example of custom porcelain holiday ornament

Our hanging ribbons for custom Christmas ornaments.GETTING STARTED

We prepare the artwork for you (no charge!). All we need is a snapshot or a high-resolution (300 dpi) file of the scene you want on your ornament. Choose your ribbon from our standard five colors, and send us the information you’d like on your enclosure card.

Custom Christmas ornament designed in two 'colors': 22k gold and red Porcelain Christmas ornament customized with two colors: black and 22k gold. Simply lovely one color custom porcelain ornament. Full color, kiln-fired custom porcelain Christmas ornament featuring an artist's painting. Custom, handpainted Christmas ornament. Kiln-fired. Three-color custom ornament created for the Alaska Zoo featuring the art of a resident elephant. Full color art transfer featuring a student's art. Custom made Christmas ornament. Custom porcelain Christmas ornament printed with many 'spot colors' to recreate a logo for a larger client. Custom porcelain Christmas ornament with an elegant single color: 22k gold. Customized Christmas ornament features a full-color representation on porcelain. Full color on a fun, custom Christmas ornament. A photo is reproduced on this custom porcelain Christmas onament. A photo is reproduced on this custom porcelain Christmas onament. Full-color custom art is transferred onto this porcelain Christmas ornament. Watercolor reproduced on Christmas ornament. Line art of Bed and Breakfast printed on Christmas ornament. client's art printed on Christmas ornament. Artist's Painting on porcelain ornament. Example of custom holiday ornament Artist's Painting on collectible Christmas ornament. Two-sided custom ornament. Image on front, logo on back. Drawing of a church on an economical one-color custom ornament. Two-color commemorative ornament. Collectible ornament featuring a full-color transfer. Snowflake shaped ornament featuring full color art supplied by our client. Full-color art transferred onto porcelain ornament. Features a church. Custom ornament featuring drawing of a Bed and Breakfast. Text on reverse side shown.
The images below are smaller, but the actual ornaments on this page are all similar in size.
Another example of custom porcelain Christmas ornament. Handpainted porcelain ornament. Full-color Christmas ornament featuring transferred art. Handpainted custom Christmas ornament. Client designed. Handpainted ornament designed by our client. Handpainted custom Christmas ornament. Kiln-fired. Handpainted custom Christmas ornament. Kiln-fired. Full color art on a custom Christmas ornament. Two color custom Christmas ornament. Kiln-fired. Full-color reproduction of client's art on a custom porcelain Christmas ornament.
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